Authentic, Flavorful, and Classic

Anthony McLean first opened Classic Jamaican Jerk Stop in 2013. Mr. McLean saw an opportunity to share his culture and passion for Jamaican cuisine through authentic, flavorful, and classic dishes.  

Although he is no longer with us, his legacy lives on. His son Kevin McLean now owns and operates the restaurant along with Kevin’s wife Keneisha McLean.  

Today, the mission of Classic Jamaican Jerk Stop continues; share the culture of Jamaica, and bring people together through delicious food in a friendly and welcoming environment.



Anthony McLean - Owner

Kevin McLean, a long-time resident of Martin County shares many of the same values and love for Jamaica, as his father, Anthony McLean. He is honored to continue many of the same traditions while implementing new ideas. From vibrant fish fry events to new dishes on the catering menu, South Florida residents are sure to be delighted with every new and traditional experience at the establishment. 



Keneisha started working at Classic Jamaican Jerk stop on 9/15/2019. Keneisha has a Degree in Hospitality from the University of Technology Jamaica. She then pursued her career in the United State working with large Hotels
and Restaurants. She now uses her experience to elevate, and exemplify the Restaurant.



Arlene started working with us on 8/26/2020. She was born and raised in Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica. Saint Elizabeth is known as the bread basket, for producing some of the best ground provisions and fruits. She grow up around food, love cooking, and does very well in the kitchen.

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